It's the simplicity of OSCAR's construction that makes this your best value for a training dummy to own for your Man-Overboard, Swift Water, and other rescue training procedures.

Using a training dummy that weighs and floats like an adult will make sure your rescue team is ready for the realities of a rescue operation.

Don't settle for sub-par training victims to teach your personnel water rescue operations. OSCAR - Water Rescue Training Dummy replicates a 180 pound victim, yet storage weight of OSCAR is only 35 pounds, so you can easily transport it to point of training operations. Its solid construction will last for years. Read more...

Versus Other Products

Looking for a more durable yet lower priced adult rescue mannequin, MSN 6910015386497?

Competitive products are heavier and more expensive. You want water rescue equipment that can withstand the true rigors of both harsh environment and repeated use. OSCAR is constructed with heavy duty vinyl and stainless steel hardware that can be easily replaced if needed.

OSCAR will provide your swift-water and other water rescue training operations a quality, adult-sized victim year after year. Read more...

How To Purchase

Call 1.800.426.4201 or purchase through CPR-Savers.com, Landfall Navigation, OceanMedix or Seattle Marine Fishing Supply.

Please note that prices may vary between the listed Dealers.


"We use OSCAR weekly for our training exercises. After over two years of weekly use, the mannequin is still very functional."

"What we really like about OSCAR is its parts are standard and replaceable, even though we've never had to replace any parts."

"Before we had OSCAR we dreaded training exercises just because of the weight of the training dummy we had to deal with. OSCAR made training a lot easier and more successful."